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Thread: TOIOU/RITCN: HTDA Live in Chicago Blu-ray/DVD

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    TOIOU/RITCN: HTDA Live in Chicago Blu-ray/DVD

    Hey guys,

    If you haven't heard, TOIOU and RITC are producing an HTDA Live Concert Blu-Ray/DVD currently.

    We're going to be updating progress on the project at and the facebook page at

    Current progress:


    The editing process will soon begin on RITC/TOIOU's project. If you have footage and you would like to contribute, PLEASE contact Ash :

    You can upload any footage you have on DropBox or WeTransfer and send Ash a link. We need the original, uncompressed data.

    Please include your full contact info so we can get in touch if we need to : name (or username if you'd rather remain anonymous), full address and phone number.

    Also - if anyone knows how to get a hold of suprefan personally (youtube:
    ), please help us out and contact him/her. We'd really love to get that footage in the mix.

    Syncing is currently being done by Ash and he's uploaded some short Vines to show the quality: and


    This post will be updated fairly frequently whenever something new is posted or new announcements are going to be made. TOIOU/RITCN wants to keep people in the loop as much as possible with what is going on and as a fair warning (so don't ask) - physical distribution will not be talked about until the project is done.
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