The show really was magical. I absolutely loved every minute of it. I took a few friends who weren't that familiar with the music and they all raved about it.

Everything sounded so tight. I was never all that attracted to Q previously but I was crushing hard last night not gonna lie. Her curves, her moves, her pipes. She oozed sex appeal all night long. She was confident, but honest, passionate, and vulnerable. She really powered through and brought the house down at some key moments.

The visuals were a perfect accompaniment. Unique and stunning. There was always something going on.

The set list had something for everyone. They had the bass pounding dance tracks, crunchy glitchy drone sessions, and stripped down organic mood pieces. Felt paced very well.

It was a shame Too Late, All Gone didn't make the cut, but that can be a little nugget to look forward to next time around. It will be very interesting to see where this band goes now with NIN on deck for the foreseeable future. I don't know if I am just on a high from last night, but I would prefer TR's main focus to stay on HTDA instead of touring endlessly with NIN in 2014. Feels like this group are just having a ton of fun together and I'd very much like to see where they go with their next record. I'd be crushed, even NIN album or otherwise, if we didn't see or hear from them for a few years. Hopefully that's not the case.

- And the Sky Began to Scream. When TR's brings it home at the end as the screens opened up, I was fucking floored.
- Between the Spaces. KILLER remix. Worked so well to bring that song alive in a live setting. It was a very cool way of putting their "secret weapon" into action. You could feel Ally all over it.
- Believers. The visuals here will trip you the fuck out and I thought it translated live in a very cool way.
- Parasite. Just because I love this track.
- Welcome Oblivion. Was on the fence about this track and the live version took it up several notches.
- The Loop Closes. Epic.
- We Fade Away. Bad ass closer.

Even songs I wasn't crazy about originally fit beautifully into the set list i.e How Long?, Ice Age. I have a few very small criticisms but I can't even be bothered to be negative at this point.

I feel very lucky to have seen this tour, especially in an "intimate" club show. If you still have a chance to check it out before they're done I highly recommend it.