I feel like I was starting to derail the very excellent How To Make Music With Your Computer thread by talking about gear, so I'm starting a new thread, on account of discovering the Cyclone Analogic TT-303, a picture-perfect clone of the infamous Roland TB-303 that sells for $700 (note: at the time of this post, the two TB-303s listed on eBay are going for over $2000). Here's the twist - as much as I feel G.A.S. (Gear acquisition syndrome) when I see pictures of that, I know from tinkering with Rebirth and from borrowing a friend's FR-777 for a few weeks that I do not need this. Those are my five favorite words, they keep me from spending money on things I shouldn't be spending money on. But the devil is in the details (and I'm not talking about the fact that you can get the Devilfish mod on the TT-303).

You see, the makers of the TT-303 have another device coming down the pike. A clone of the TR-606 called the TT-606. And when news of that arrives, my bank account will not be safe. I will pre-order that thing so fast, you have no idea. A brand new 606 with MIDI? Yes please, very much so. Don't get me wrong, I love my DSI Tempest, and I'm enough of a fan of the Boss DR-110 to not only maintain a 13-year old info site about it, but also emulate a DR-110 with Javascript. But there's a certain oomf the 606 provides, and I would like to have that in my arsenal without worrying all the problems associated with 30 year old electronics.