I self-published my first novel on Amazon awhile back and shockingly enough, it has barely sold any copies. I've received some pretty good feedback on it so far. The goal is to someday sell millions of copies and then turn it into a movie... obviously.

I listened to nothing but nin while writing this, specifically Into the Void and The Wretched and all of the remixes. So if you want to get into the right frame of mind before reading, I suggest cranking some of those tunes.

If anyone is interested the link is below. Hope someone out there enjoys it! Thanks!

The Retreat: Ramsden, Chris: 9780578323886: Amazon.com: Books

Thirty classmates, two friends, and a four-day religious retreat in the woods… Bill’s life is about to change—but not how he hopes it will…

Bill Foster is a senior at a Catholic high school, on track for a great future. He’s a well-liked baseball player who gets good grades, but what’s on the outside doesn’t accurately represent what he is inside. Dark secrets plague his thoughts and leave him feeling like an outcast. After the death of his beloved, devout grandfather, he’s even more lost. Needing to bring meaning to his life, he agrees to go on a four-day religious retreat in the woods.

The retreat isn’t what it seems, as Bill and his friends are about to learn.

Bill wants to turn his life around, instead, it’s about to turn upside down. Strange things begin to happen, and his classmates fall mysteriously ill before suddenly finding salvation. Hoping to rekindle his faith and find inner peace, Bill has no idea what he’s actually wishing for… or how bad things will get before the retreat is over. Eternal Springs hides its own dark secret, and the truth might just destroy Bill’s life—and the lives of his classmates—forever.