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Thread: The little things that piss you off

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    Quote Originally Posted by allegro View Post
    He thinks Aunt Jemima is REAL?? What the fuck?!?!?!
    Yes... Seriously, I could not convince that not only was Aunt Jemima NOT a real person, he believed she was a "beloved civil rights hero" and "the first female black millionaire" in America.

    I mean, yeah, maybe he's just being amazingly trolled, but it's just disturbing that I couldn't even convince this person that Aunt Jemima wasn't a real civil rights hero symbolizing the American Capitalist Dream. That's just SO absurd. And he wouldn't follow links or read anything I tried to point him to that would debunk his theory that liberals were going after the precious legacy of dear Aunt Jemima.

    I blame 4Chan for a lot of this shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinsai View Post
    Yes... Seriously, I could not convince that not only was Aunt Jemima NOT a real person, he believed she was a "beloved civil rights hero" and "the first female black millionaire" in America.
    You can't fix stupid.

    Black people are undoubtedly laughing at his stupidity. Or, they're horrified. Or both.

    He can get the "history" from the Aunt Jemima web site:

    "1889: Chris Rutt and Charles Underwood of the Pearl Milling Company develop Aunt Jemima, the world's first ready mix."

    "1890: R.T. Davis purchases the Aunt Jemima Manufacturing Company. Aunt Jemima was first brought to life by Nancy Green, a storyteller, cook and missionary worker."

    In 1910, at 76, despite her "lifetime contract," Green was still working as a residential "housekeeper" until her death in 1923. Green lived with nieces and nephews in Fuller Park and Grand Boulevard into her old age. At the time of her death, Green had already lost her husband and children, and was living with her great nephew and his wife.
    Nancy Green died so broke, her grave STILL doesn't have a headstone. Chicago's Bronzeville Historical Society is raising money to finally get Green a headstone.

    See Chicago Tribune Commentary: The real stories of the Chicago women who portrayed Aunt Jemima

    The first female black millionaire in America:

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    Like most people, I watch stuff on YouTube pretty much every day. It is, I think, the only Google service I still use and, over the past year, I've even allowed for "personalized ads"—it's the sort of online tracking I find unsettling and a little gross, but I thought maybe turning it on would help solve my problem. Here's my issue: Going back three or four years, I've been getting ads for three alt-right news sites in my feed—The Daily Wire, The Michael Knowles Show, and The Andrew Klavan Show. They're not ad breaks in other things, they're ads that appear in my feed, just like other videos, and appear to be podcast recordings with custom graphics. I don't know exactly; I've literally never clicked on one. I only know what they are because I've searched for them—not on Google, using a VPN and, for two of them, I wasn't even using a device I owned or regularly used—I know how the internet works; I don't need an algorithm deciding that this is the sort of shit I should be served as ads because I've previously engaged with it; I'd rather my news article results not be skewed any more extreme and unreliable because I once looked at this shit.

    Anyways, most YouTube ads like this that I actively dislike, I ask to stop seeing them, select the appropriate reason—Irrelevant, Inappropriate, Repetitive—and, boom, I don't see them again. Sometimes, it's not quite as easy; a year back, for example, YouTube must have figured out I was male and nearing forty, so I started getting "Plenty of Fish: Over 40 Singles" ads and the only way I could stop them was to change my gender to female (worked like a charm, except I still get tons of annoying Dr. Squatch ads telling me my balls are going to shrink because of Old Spice).

    In a few other cases, I've gone to the extra step of asking YouTube to stop showing me content from said channel. Again, like everyone, I imagine, I've seen some persistent shit over the years. But I've never seen anything as persistent and offensive as this shit. I get an ad from one to three of these channels one to three times a day, almost every day. I have—since I last nuclear-wiped my YouTube settings, asked to "stop seeing this add" a total of several hundred times for just those three channels. More than I've asked to stop seeing all other ads combined. I've "contacted" YouTube three times and never gotten a response. I've tried always using a VPN on YouTube; I once even tried clicking like on hundreds of videos (the only way I engage with content is views) to see if I could sway the advertisements into thinking I was basically Che Guevara and beyond their reach. No dice.

    This has gradually become more annoying through Trump's presidency, but it's really reached a fever pitch in the past month, with Black Lives Matter topping the news most of the time (the coronavirus-related custom art was bad, misleading, and offensive, but it was nothing compared to the stuff lately). I'm goddamn sick of it. I don't want to be forced to look at the fucking custom art for every episode which, yes, I understand is technically a "new" ad, but I've never seen anything else this persistent—a lot of the Plenty of Fish stuff was "new" ads, too.

    Here's today's image:


    Yesterday, I got to see an illustration of a white man cowering under a Black man in a convenience store, with a caption like "Tired of Being Afraid of Being Attacked for No Reason." Sometime around the announcement of Aunt Jemima's retirement, the ad for one of them looked like a scene from Spike Lee's Bamboozled.

    So. Anyone got any ideas? If I used Twitter or Facebook, I'd fucking start spamming their accounts with their own ads. I'm goddamned sick of being forced to look at this shit all the time. It's often the first "video" I see when I open the app.

    It's really fucking hard to feel for the right wing in this country when they say "Conservative voices are being silenced" because, between them, OAN, Trump, the Senate, Nazi Twitter, and my own YouTube feed, I can't stop hearing from them. I can barely get a break from the constant suggestions on how to instead silence Black voices, and Muslim voices, and Liberal voices, and Moderate voices, and women's voices. Multiple times a day, most days, when I'm just looking to see if anyone's opened any exciting Magic: The Gathering booster packs or if Jenny Nicholson has any hot takes on, say, The Land Before Time, Volumes 1-14.

    EDIT: Oh, look. I got another one. Less than twenty minutes later. Apparently Daily Wire, as a channel, also advertises for this Matt Walsh Show.

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    "Smart" phones. They are so fucking dumb, but everyone has already drank the Kool-Aid so perhaps my opinion does not matter.

    A device which you MAY NOT interact with casually. It must NOT be picked up, held in your hand, or God forbid put in your pocket without paying attention to a confusing array of specific protocols. What the fuck?

    It must be turned off or put into a suspended state before tucking into your pocket. Excuse me, but what? It is expected that I MUST keep this device in my hands at all times? Only touching it in a very specific way, or risk launching every app available? Stupid beyond belief.

    Do NOT touch the screen, and do NOT touch the edges because they are bristling with buttons which do evil crap. How the fuck am I supposed to interact with this device? Gingerly pick it up paying VERY close attention to where my errant fingers are placed? Who the fuck designed this UX and why am I apparently the only one bothered by it? The younger generation apparently has very low expectations for technology. I sense a significant potential for profit there!

    As a SOHO networking consultant I am not at all intimidated or challenged by technology. But this "smart" device conundrum has me not just perplexed but downright angry. People are so downright stupid that they have accepted an unworkable and pathetic UI with all of it's quirks as something just wonderful because it keeps them connected to god (social media) at all times of the day no matter where they are what a glorious thing!!!

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    Because of COVID, my job is now offering our summer classes online. This is the first week of summer classes, and we got a bunch of complaints from parents about one of our classes of how the teacher is not really being engaging with the kids. When we reached out to the teacher, he said, "Yeah, it was hard for me to really interact with them because most of them had their cameras off - so I was mostly starting at blank screens." Wtff?? I asked another teacher friend of mine about this, and he said it's apparently a "cool thing" with the kids to have your screens off. Wtf is wrong with kids?? How is it even "cool"? I don't get it. And we had to give refunds to the angry parents.

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