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Thread: The little things that piss you off

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    Fixed again. Hopefully for good this time.

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    I was going for "stupid" but the second one certainly fits in here.

    So, twitter. My work has an official twitter account so the site isn't blocked via the filters that are in place to keep us worker bees humming. That said, the filter apparently only works for "" and not "" so I can see tweets but just the words. Anything else is blocked. Pictures, videos, user icons. It's great for me because I was able to give the site up whole-hog.

    the other one also concerns the filter. maybe you've heard about the great adblock fight that Google's having with Youtube and everyone else? Well they consider the filter we use as part of that so I cannot watch any youtube. Which, yeah, but also a lot of training is on there that I was watching to learn how to do things like Power Bi, Visio, and Project. Now I have to watch 240p or it stutters like I'm watching dialup, which, at 240p, I might as well be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elevenism View Post
    @henryeatscereal @ickyvicky @chuckrh thank y'all.

    My brother messaged me this morning. He said "Tyler, you're saying Justin was ALMOST family. But that's not true. We actually lost our little brother."

    And it's like, yeah. SO many people are gone.

    But this one is just too much. It's...yeah. I think my brother is right.

    HE'S so fucked up from it, he's now saying "I don't HAVE any more friends, and I'm not MAKING anymore, because they just die."

    I know everybody dies. @Erneuert , @Wolfkiller and co, I've been listening to Everyone I Love is Dead and Everything Dies quite a bit. I'm fucking TIRED of playing those songs in someone's honor, though.

    I KNOW everyone dies, but NOT at 25 and 35 and 40. My people really, REALLY are, pretty much ALL gone, now.
    This was number 24 on my list (I keep an actual list) of people i've loved/called close friends, who died young.
    And I guess it's KIND of my fault. I mean, shit...I was addicted to fentanyl for YEARS, WAY before it was on the news and started around '03 and ended around, well...2019? How's THAT for a confession?
    I guess it's the company I've know...people attuned to my own lunacy, of drugs and shoplifting and playing rock music and doing whatever was crazy.
    There's like ONE normal car crash, and ONE cancer, but ALL the rest are overdoses, suicides, or crazy shit like street racing in convertible.
    We all had some kind of deep PAIN, though, in retrospect: this one had a secret sexuality confusion, that one was an orphan, the other was abused...that sort of thing.

    At ANY rate, As a great man once said, "I'd give anything to wake up from this motherfucking dream."-Rhett Miller, OLD 97S, Nashville.

    In FACT, while I'm at it...y'all check this one MIGHT just turn you on to my other favorite band. I don't even know how to begin to explain them, but I've seen them around 100 times, and they were the band in the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special. Oh, and also, they fucking kick ass.'s the thing

    But, yeah. I quit, temporarily. I don't know what day it is.
    I thought about cutting my hair off as a sign of mourning, but I've got a better idea: it's gonna be a lean ass Christmas for us (just like a LOT of us), so I know what I'm getting is a little money for a couple shirts and pants.
    I'm scheming on trying to get all-black costumes, and perhaps dying my hair black, and only wearing all black everything for a couple months.
    Hey man, sorry to hear about your friend. I don't get on here much these days but I meant to tell you thanks for posting that From The River song. It's a banger and I've been playing it often. Take care, keep moving forward brother.

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    My mom...jesus god.

    She could "get by just fine, without us being here," except for the part where we do EVERYTHING for her. She doesn't wear anything but a sleep shirt, EVER, except when she goes to the dr to get a certain narcotic.
    Shit. I just had to BRUSH HER HAIR, put on her necklace, find the clothes she wants to wear, etc, for her appointment.
    I just did it, and she randomly started talking shit to me.

    We pay for pretty much ALL of the food here with our benefits, and do ALL of the physical SHOPPING. If she needs ANYTHING, we are expected to go get it for her, and we do, without complaint. We don't have mailboxes here, so we pick up the mail at ALL times.
    I mean, we do literally EVERYTHING for her. And we throw her a couple hundred in cash every month, too.
    My wife constantly buys her gifts.

    We've saved up enough to leave, TWICE, but she literally cried and begged for us to stay.
    She's starting to drive us crazy, though.

    If you're still reading, check out this example: we are expected to check/ add oil to her car, and fill it up with gas, when she has appointments. Ok, word. That's cool.
    We ALSO "aren't allowed to wake her up before noon."

    My wife works from home, online, but my mom can't seem to understand that it's an actual, she's AT WORK. So we had to get her keys and card during her lunch break and go get gas and such.

    We figured she'd go back to sleep, so we left the keys and card in the living room, in a convenient spot, to avoid waking her again.

    So. We get home, and she calls us...yes, calls us from INSIDE THE FUCKING HOUSE. It's a big house, but GODDAMN.

    And she said "YOU can't wake me up before noon." I said "I know. That's why we left your keys in the living room."
    She said "YOU have to bring me my keys RIGHT BACK TO ME and IMMEDIATELY put them in my hand"
    And i said "yeah, mom, but this was before noon."
    "RIGHT. YOU can't wake ME up before NOON."
    And i'm like "yes, that's why we left the keys and card on the counter."
    "But YOU have to IMMEDIATELY give me the keys back"
    And, again, softly, gently "Yes, mom, but we didn't want to wake you up again."
    "RIGHT. YOU can't wake me up before NOON."
    This like, satanic mobius strip thing somehow went on for fifteen or twenty minutes...mostly just a loop, but she managed to throw a bunch of other bizarre shit in there, too.
    It turned into me saying "what do you want me to do? Just tell me what you want me to do, in the future, and i will do it. Please. Please just tell me."
    No answer, of course...instead, she brought up some OTHER random shit, and then, went back to The Loop.
    I kept fucking trying to explain that we HAD TO DO THE FUCKING THING DURING MY WIFE'S LUNCH BREAK. She said "well, your WIFE needs to change her HOURS to fit MY needs. THAT is why you're here-MY needs. It's JUST an online job."
    I couldn't get her to understand that the Mrs.can't just randomly change her schedule.

    Keep in mind that it's my wife's birthday, for fuck's sake.

    Meanwhile, my RA is getting more and more fucked up. @chuckrh knows what it's like. I've also got that worsening neck bullshit, on which the latest news is that it's likely a permanent, incurable neuropathy thing.
    I'm physically sicker than i've ever been, and likely, more emotionally fucked than i've ever been, and she KNOWS it.
    It's like she's thinking "let's see how bad i can hurt Elevenism, to make MYSELF feel better. OH. He's ESPECIALLY fucked up right now, can't WALK without a CANE, and recently lost his best friend, and is spending most of his time LITERALLY in the fucking godddamn fetal would be REALLY good!"

    Oddly, sometimes she is the sweetest person in the world.
    I HONESTLY hope she isn't losing her mind, but this odd cruelty has been slowly intensifying for about...eight years?
    We had fucking 20k in 2021. DAMNIT.

    I just don't know WHAT the fuck. NO, she can't/won't take care of herself. And i'm QUITE A BIT fucking sicker than she is, these days.
    We pay rent, we use EBT to buy EVERYTHING she eats, we do WHATEVER the fuck she asks...

    It's turned into like, worst roomate/landlord imaginable. Jesus fuck, and calling from inside the house? It's like, 8-10 times a day...doesn't matter if it's 4am, or if we have clothes on, etc...

    I better stop. Good god. I just had to get that out.
    I'll probably delete this soon.
    Last edited by elevenism; Today at 07:14 PM.

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    @elevenism I have one word for you, my friend: leave. You and Mrs elevenism, find a little, quiet place for yourselves, pack up your things and leave.

    I'm all for taking care of our elderly. That's what I'm doing right now with my mom, and it's not easy. I see it as a duty. However, everything has its limits.

    Your mom sounds like a toxic person and neither you or your wife need that right now. You both have a lot to deal with already; you don't need narcissist mom on top of it. Always remember: in order to be able to take care of others, you first need to learn to take care of yourself. I'm thinking your health would get better if you were to put some distance between you and mom.

    Best of luck to you and all the love to you and your missus.

    As for what pisses me of: all those holiday songs in all the stores. I want to break something.

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