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Thread: Gun Talk - News, Laws, etc.

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    Why are we accepting this???

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    The sad thing is, I don’t think background checks are enough. They’re too easy to bypass. The Sandy Hook shooter stole his mom’s legally-obtained guns, killed her, then killed the children at Sandy Hook. People lie on firearm applications about mental illness.

    We need the Federal government to install metal detectors in all schools, to protect against guns AND bombs. There has been an increase in bomb threats in schools, as well. We need specially-trained security at schools, not armed teachers and not Sheriff’s Deputies drinking coffee in an office. We need the system to put a perimeter of safety around the schools so that the children and teachers inside are safe from ALL things - kidnapping, guns, bombs - and can learn and study without being constantly terrorized from fear of being killed.

    This doesn’t turn school into “prison.” It turns school into a safe, protected zone.

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