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It's essentially Quaristice, if it hadn't been edited way down. The NTS Sessions have the "movement" temperament of AE_LIVE and elseq 1-5, while still going down every "alternate" route they could. They started really exploring this free form style during Quaristice, though.
Yeah this kind of explains it for me. Quaristice is one of my least favorite AE records. It's an amazing technical feat to be able to jam the way they do with electronic instruments (especially in 2008) but it doesn't work for me without editing, and even with editing is seems less engaging. I might just like the sound design on elseq better, because I'm sure that's the same thing. But also much shorter and in smaller releases.

It's odd cause as far as I know Confield is partially generative. I don't get why it has such a different quality to it. It almost sounds sequenced. Doesn't come across as jammy.