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Thread: My take on 'Keep It Together' music video

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    Lightbulb My take on 'Keep It Together' music video

    Hey everyone,

    This is my first time posting here, and I'm really nervous so I might pee a little bit... Anyways, it really surprised me to see how active a “3rd-party” forum community can be when I arrived here [I love 3rd party sites! no, really!]. Immediately I thought of this as a great opportunity to express myself, and begin my slow and destructive process to take over the world.

    When I heard the new single, ‘Keep It Together,’ from the new HTDA EP, it slightly blew my fuckin mind, and an idea sparked. They released the studio-oriented music video for Keep It Together, and I saw an opportunity to apply my own narrative to that song. This idea would end up going through a pout of identities in what it was trying to describe itself as, and it seems that frustration of trying to put this together reflects itself through the narrative [but somehow it remained tasteful in that whole process… or whatever].

    Skipping past a bunch of shit that isn’t important or relevant, I began to adopt the new analog glitch art direction for HTDA, and incorporate that visual narrative element into a non-linear, visual adventure of sorts… for a new video of ‘Keep It Together’. I had saved up some cash, spent a lot of it on camera equipment, grabbed a couple people who made themselves available to help me out, and went about putting this into production over the next 7 weeks. By the way, I love to hear your feedback, and if you like it, share it with everyone

    This is the first place I'm sharing it publicly, so it's like... a welcoming present for all of you.

    edit: If you want to help me out, upvote the *reddit thread* if you like this! If it gets enough traction in the nin subreddit, then we'll see about putting it in a more public subreddit

    [hd is awesome, and so is fullscreen, watch on youtube for best experience]

    rob milus
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