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thank you very much for archiving this tape and for the history. i just deleted my folder of the demise demos. any interesting comments from wax trax! or danny hyde?
Danny didn't have too much to say about it, i have vague recollection of him saying this tape was probably made at home and therefore before he was involved in the studio, but i can't find the correspondence. The only other thing Danny said was something along the lines of "It figures you'd be the one to find this." I asked Thrower about it too, he doesn't remember making it.

As for WT!, Julia did a little digging and figured out that this tape was sent to Jim & Danny, and apparently it was liberated from Jim's desk by Frankie Nardiello, aka Groovie Man of Thrill Kill Kult. He then put a bunch of random Greater Than One tracks on Side B. It sat in a box for years until it ended up at Reckless Records on Broadway, where one morning they put it on the website and i randomly happened to look at cassettes that morning (which i hate and do not collect, so i have no idea why i clicked cassettes) see it, and immidiately call not 10 minutes after they put it up. Went down to pick it up and was floored once i realized what it was.

What's weird is that it hadn't been heard of before i unearthed it. Brainwashed didn't mention it, Discogs didn't mention it, zip, nothing. Just kinda one of those weird things. Whitney actually updated Brainwashed to reflect the cassette, but also a mutual friend of Peter's reached out with a list of the entire tape & date archive for me to look over and sure enough it matched one of the tapes. As for the tracks themselves, they're all on one or two DATs, and 2 of the full-fidelity DAT tracks (Fidgit and Carvers & Gilders) made it onto the T-ARCH10 release, aka the Threshold Archives Windowpane.

There are 3 other confirmed copies of this tape, fwiw. One was sent to the owner of Torso records, One was kept in the archive and was auctioned off by Thighpaulsandra about 2 months after i made my tape available, and the other i don't know its lineage of but it's definitely the real deal.