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Thread: My Music - RADIAL

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    My Music - RADIAL

    Hi all, my name is John and I live in Worcester MA. I just released my first album, which can be streamed or downloaded for free at Trent is one of, if not, my biggest influence musically. What I like most about Trent's music is his ability to use dissonant harmonies and the occasional slightly atypical time signature, but still manage to make songs that are instantly catchy with great hooks. I like to think my music pulls this off as well. I'm sure you will hear the NIN influence in there. If you like the fragile era NIN, I think you may find my album enjoyable. The album is a concept album, and is a little bit electronic, a little bit rock, a little alternative, a little progressive. Ultimately, I think I pulled off an interesting amalgam of these elements, not too dissimilar from bands like NIN or Porcupine Tree, and want to share it with people who will hopefully appreciate it.

    The album is best listened to from start to finish, but if you are just looking to check out a quick sample, I'd recommend checking out any of the following: Call of the Siren, The Trial, Kinetic, Haunted, or One Last Breath. I hope someone out there finds this thread and shows some interest. I spent countless hours creating and recording, and unfortunately I feel that it has just gotten lost in a sea of endless independently released music. Please, if you can spare a minute, check out the website, and feel free to download the album for free. I truly think that there will be people on this message board who will appreciate it, even perhaps thoroughly enjoy it!

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    I like it. Nice and clean production. The trial is a standout track for me and so is one last breath.

    The vocals remind me of Orgy. Il give this download when i am at home.

    My only criticism is that the piano tends to sound a like fake.

    What do you record with?

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