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As far as drama goes for superhero films I think it’s one of the best to date. Of course it had flaws but nothing insulting like some of these movies.
I think there are quite a few insulting moments. For example when they play reverse-racism with the biggest, baddest looking and -of course- black dude on one of the ferries... the one who finally throws out the remote, just to have some kind of twist.

One could also say it's insulting to the viewer and/or also offensive in general how they try to equate the Joker's nihilistic ramblings about social fragility with real jihadist terrorism.

Then there's the surveillance thing, which shows Batman wiretapping Gotham's citizens, just to lazily resolve that "commentary" with Batman rigging his equipment with self destruction.

I'm not against superhero movies in general, but all of this makes me think, the more serious or "real" or "adult" superhero films try to be, the more problematic/flawless they become. There are very few superhero movies that actually pulled it off. Watchmen comes to mind (albeit flawed in other areas). Chronicle may be another. Unbreakable.