Hey! I'm creating this to be a catch-all for anyone with travel questions, recommendations, and suggestions, and also because I noticed there might not have been a good place to ask this otherwise (save for some specific US-related thread):

I'm traveling by car from NY to Chicago and little past towards the Dakota Badlands, probably making stops at Minneapolis, northeast Nebraska, and somewhere in Indiana along the way. If anyone could recommend really awesome things to do/places to check out, that would be amazing and very much appreciated. I'm talking alternative/non-touristy items since we won't have some Frommer's with us or anything; really cool popular streams/waterholes, off-the-beaten-path restaurants, ANYTHING cool and ridiculous and representative of where I'll be driving around. I have about eight days, but I'll take anybody's suggestions. Sorry if this could've been posted elsewhere, but I've been on ETS long enough to have not noticed. Thanks!