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    I'm at the end right before you fight Nemesis for the final time. Disagree about the boss fights. G was more of a prick to fight for me than Nemesis, especially the third form.

    I like the game. It's given me a kick in the ass to finally finish Claire Scenario B on RE2 that I've put off for over a year.

    On another note I finally played Resistance. It's a mixed bag for me, enough where I kinda regret getting it on my gamerscore list. The potential for the game to be fun and good is there but it's a clunky, aggravating mess to play as it stands now. Too much focus on microphone and coordination play (not complaining about that but I rarely have time for that now approaching 30). The Mastermind matchmaking is also broken for me so I haven't been able to try it for real. The survivor learning curve is stupidly high and a good chunk of the gameplay mechanics is rather bland compared to how good RE2 and RE3 were in those regards. Hopefully a patch outside of adding Jill to the survivor list can make it more balanced and make you want to play as Survivor. Watching Jimpressions where he called it a Grief Simulator is definitely something I agree with. I would've rather much had a full blown Mercenaries Mode stand alone game that encapsulated 2, 3, 5 and 6.
    I agree about everything about the multiplayer game, I tried a couple of times and just said screw it, too complicated for what is should be.

    the one thing about RE2 that I liked more was the AI of Mr X, he was truly terrifying. Another thing I don’t like about RE3 is almost every time Nemesis comes out it a cut scene, like the gameplay stops and that kind of takes the scare jump away. Now I’m playing the game on hardcore and man that’s putting it lightly, the first nemesis fight was incredibly hard it took me like 20 times to beat him. Maybe I just suck at resident evil lol
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