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I psyched myself out. I pretty much made a mad dash from the main hall to the break room area to the parking garage and prison cells in about 2-4 minutes. I only got hit by Mr. X once and bit by a zombie once. I still have 13 Lightning Hawk magnum bullets left. I shot all the dogs in the kennel the first time I went around so the parking garage was smooth sailing for me. The power circuit puzzle was easy and the rest is history.

I just made it to the Sewers with Ada Wong. Time to face the Alligator.
Nice! Yea that is the last resort is to just make a dash for it. In hardcore one slash is straight to danger status, so you can imagine my rage when I can't get a door open or fast enough, especially being really low on health items. Good move on killing the dogs first, I did the same as well because they're annoying as fuck, but the door trick works good against them. The Alligator is cool as hell in this version; I died a few times just to see it again .