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it's super dark and aggressive but also super sexy, and the chorus has this "breath of fresh air" feeling to it when the effects come off Q's vocals...it's just SO GOOD.
Oh. Shit. Listening to it again right now and...
It's been far too long since i've listened to this record, and i didn't listen to it enough times!
All i really had in my head was the "breath of fresh air part."
Yes, it's a great track and a great album. I love the way it sounds on a good car stereo, with sounds both assaulting and caressing you from all angles.

I may be in the minority here, but i loved Keep it Together and the second EP in general.
For me, though, their strongest work is on the first EP. Again, however, i need to bump the LP again and more often.
At any rate, they have a GREAT set. I wouldn't mind a few tour dates BEFORE they release another album (i never caught a show.)