Mavs starting to look pretty decent!

It was kind of ruff when we rested Luka, though.

I don't see us winning a finals again, until we get him a TRUE partner. Dinwittee, Bullock, Green, Wood, Hardaway, Maxi: those guys are all badass.

But Dallas played their best seasons with Nowitzki and Nash, plus Finley...even though that wasn't our championship year.

And when we DID win, we had that big, hardcore center, Tyson Chandler.

The point being, we need a Nash to sync up with Luka's Dirk. You guys remember Stevie Nash hitting those no look passes behind his back?
I mean, FUCK.

You could catch those guys at the bar together, they had matching shoes for a time, Nash even helped Dirk obviously learn to speak English better, obviously. (Find a dirk interview that doesn't include the word "obviously)."

Bottom line? Basketball is back in full swing. Thank the God of Basketball, Basketball Jesus. Or Jesús?
Maybe it's JJ Barea.

I don't get into your American Beisbol, and the American Football...there just aren't enough games, and Dallas has been gonna "almost maybe make it this time" since the 90s.