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Loved what I saw out of Kyrie last night.

He was unselfish. No Luka, no Maxi, (and obviously no Dorian or Spencer), rotating bench players, WE, not just Kyrie, pulled some incredible plays and smacked the shit out of Kawhi and LAC.

It's PROMISING, for sure.

Cautiously optimistic, for REAL.

Also, holy fuck @Self.Destructive.Pattern , Kevin Durant goes to Pheonix? Westbrook goes to fucking UTAH? And Russel in LAL?

And LAL is starting D Russel like, pretty much IMMEDIATELY, just like we did Kyrie. Like "oh, yeah it's fine: we practiced a little this morning"
It's actually on Saturday, but STILL.

This is truly the craziest NBA year ive ever witnessed for the Western conference.

I mean, combine all this with the fact that we've got guys who could have handily been the MVP not TOO many years ago who aren't even in the RUNNING.

4-8 place are all but tied.

Damn. Rest of this season is gonna be even crazier.
He looked Hella happy as well, hahaa. Cannot wait to see him and Durant go against each other, but I cannot believe the amount of 2nd picks that landed other teams key players... Like damn.

Lakers made a lot of great moves, no one eligible until Saturday so I expect a loss tonight against the Bucks lol.

Westbrook will not play a single minute for the Jazz. He'll get bought out and said he wants to go to the Heat or the Clippers who also made some big moves. Cannot to see how this all folds out!