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Look, I don't know about you guys, but I generally go around blaming every single thing in life on "SJWs."

Road construction making me late for work....fucking SJWs are at it again.
My phone is fucking up even though I've only had it for a year...probably SJWs are involved somehow.
Ran out of peanut butter...Goddamn SJWs.

It's fun! Try it today.
hahahaha this cracked me up. thank you for that.

people being held accountable for sexual misconduct... oh, wait...that's a good thing. thanks, SJWs! fighting the good fight even though people think you're (we're) over-sensitive idiots!

i've never understood people throwing shade at SJWs. like, WARRIOR is in the fucking name. why is it a bad thing to believe in equity/equality and to want that for people? why is it a bad thing to be fighting for that? why do people feel the need to be dicks about it? like, sorry i care about other people being able to function in this world with emotional well-being and you're too busy making memes to give a shit about anyone but yourself?


p.s. i'mma steal all your peanut butter, because it's delicious

p.p.s. actually on topic for the thread - my wife and i are addicted to food network shows. every time we're at home and have an opportunity to watch something else (we're on season 6 of DS9, season 3 of orphan black, etc.) we somehow just automatically choose guy's grocery games, chopped, or food network star. we have a problem.