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Emil Dorbell
03-07-2012, 12:10 PM
I stumbled upon this band while checking out the lineup for Metaltown (metaltown.se), a festival in my hometown. I haven't been able to listen to anything else for the last couple of days. I'm not even going to try to describe their sound, just check these videos out:




I'm suddenly more excited for this band then anything else in the lineup, and it's a crazy good one: Slayer, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Opeth, Machine Head and Kyuss.

03-07-2012, 01:59 PM
Saw them live a couple of years ago: one of the best metal shows I've seen.

bobbie solo
03-07-2012, 04:51 PM
band rules. im a big fan of their politics too.

06-22-2012, 05:41 PM
This is THE best metal band right now and have been for a long time. It's crazy that some people in the states still don't know of them. I"ve been a big fan since From Mars to Sirius was released.

The new album drops tuesday!!!! full stream can be heard here http://soundcloud.com/totalguitar/sets/gojira-lenfant-sauvage/s-KSYak

I know this forum doesn't have much love for metal but this is different. This is metal taken to a higher state of being. It really is that good. The new album is simply breathtaking in scope.

Please check it out, and purchase if you like!! I love these fucking guys.

02-25-2017, 09:58 AM
I don't know why I didn't pay attention to Gojira before, this week I started spinning From Mars to Sirius on YouTube and said to myself 'I've been doing it wrong all these years'! Yesterday I purchased Magma from their official store, and I also got this shirt: http://store.gojira-music.com/apparel/t-shirts/moon-phases-unisex-t-short-5.html

The CD came with a download of video of their concert in Brazil, Rock in Rio. It's incredibly heavy, oh my word, it should be illegal for a band to be this heavy. I was listening to from Mars to Sirius this week while doing some work in the computer and I was headbanging in front of the screen. I think it's so refreshing to hear such an aggressive band singing about such positive topics

Yesterday I had a surgery, my septum was deviated and I had a piece of tissue (called cornetes in Spanish, don't know the name in English) inside my nose chronically inflamed, so the surgery corrected both things. Surgery went well, but I cannot go for a run at the moment. However, I can't wait to go back running and playing Gojira extremely out loud on my iPod. I listen to all types of music when I run, but when I do a proper race (competition, 10Ks is the most I do) I exclusively listen to metal. Last one I did, it was a very Meshuggah oriented playlist...with some Mastodon in there'. But I think next race I do, it'll be exclusively Gojira, likely From Mars to Sirius in its entirety. I got a killer time last race...10 km in about 44 mins 30 secs, quickest I've done...with Gojira on hand I think I should be able to beat my record.

I saw Gojira opening up for Mastodon two and a half years ago, in Seattle. At the same I wasn't too familiar with Gojira's material. I enjoyed the show, but feel like I would had enjoyed it quite a bit more if I had known some of their songs. Now I want to see them again! @ManBurning (http://www.echoingthesound.org/community/member.php?u=33), you are in for a blast, Gojira will be much better than Metallica.

10-26-2017, 10:39 PM
Recently Iíve been dipping my toe in metal, not my usual genre. Serendipitously, both Mastodon and Gojira were playing on separate nights in the same week in my town. I wasnít familiar with either band and had just listened to sound bytes of some of their songs but regardless, went to both shows. I was expecting Mastodon to make the biggest impression but it was Gojira that blew me away. Good god the sound was monstrous. Metal and melodies with talented singing. Iíve been listening to Magma continuously and want to explore the rest of their catalog.

bobbie solo
10-27-2017, 02:32 PM
Good god the sound was monstrous.

This is the key with them. Nothing they're doing is wildly unique, but they combine a few different styles and sound so massive (and are tight as fuck live) that they just beat you over the head into submission. Add in very left-leaning, environmentally conscious lyrics that are typically not found in mainstream metal circles, and you have a winner.

10-29-2017, 10:29 PM
Yes, their sound is so....full bodied and rounded. They were a well-oiled, enthusiastic, and experienced machine live. I have yet to delve into the lyrics but the atypical topics for metal piques my interest even more.

Space Suicide
10-29-2017, 10:38 PM
Yes, their sound is so....full bodied and rounded. They were a well-oiled, enthusiastic, and experienced machine live. I have yet to delve into the lyrics but the atypical topics for metal piques my interest even more.

Check out the heavy metal thread we got here. Me and a few other members are into the genre so if you need recommendations don’t hesitate to ask.

10-29-2017, 11:00 PM
Will do. I've been lurking in that thread as well as the older heavy metal thread to give me a compass with which to start my exploration.