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bobbie solo
01-22-2019, 03:44 AM
I'm gonna bump this thread to talk about Into The Spider-verse. Feel like this movie should be in a Spider-Man thread, and not the Marvel thread.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. It is smart, so much fun, great action scenes (climax gets to be a bit much though), pretty funny when it is trying to be, and def. NOT a kids movie. There's some great messaging throughout that is inspiring. The animation is really cool and different. Each different Spider-Man stays in their own animation style throughout which is fun too. And overall, the whole thing is just this gigantic love letter to the medium of comic books...Spider-Man books especially of course. Plenty of easter eggs (my favorite was Steve Ditko listed as a contact in Spidey's phone). Great voice acting from Jake Johnson, John Mulaney, M. Ali from Moonlight, Luke Cage & True Detective season 3, and plenty more (don't want to spoil one of them). The Stan Lee cameo is perfect, as are the messages about him & Ditko during the credits. And of course, please stay for the awesome and also hilarious post-credits scene. Can't wait for the sequel after seeing that.

See this movie. Arguably the best Spidey film made so far. Just gets so many things right...Spidey, Miles Morales as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, Brooklyn itself, and plenty more.

01-22-2019, 03:47 AM
Nothing arguable about it, Spideyverse IS the best Spidey film, it's bloody perfect! Saw it 3 times over christmas and i just adore the animation and the characters!

...now waiting for Sony the fuck it all up :(

01-22-2019, 09:21 AM
Started a new thread for you. Also corrected "Spider-Man."

04-14-2019, 09:28 PM
Just finished watching it...

Damn good!

The only part that bugged me was the news-print animation style on the edges... looked 3D (colour separation) and not in a good way. But other than that, quite pleased with it.

The 2099 at the end was a good laugh.