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12-13-2018, 03:20 AM
2 shows in a row and only 1 song (Even Deeper) from the Fragile. Hopefully they play the entire left side on Friday.

Loved hearing "I Do Not Want This" live and The Becoming was siiiick. Can't wait for show #5

12-13-2018, 03:29 AM
Something from every album (except ghosts).

12-13-2018, 03:31 AM
The Becoming, TPD, Iím Afraid of Americans, Even Deeper, AATCHB <3

Tonight had a bit of everything.

12-13-2018, 05:24 AM
Had a blast tonight and really liked how talkative TR was. Oh yeah, and I even had a chance to meet Mark Romanek!





12-13-2018, 12:49 PM
took a little time to process last night. if i'm interpreting them correctly, these lyrics reflect my thoughts on the show to a large extent:

"So what are you waiting for?
You got what you asked for
Did it fix what was wrong with you?
Are you less than?"

after the throwback throwdown of Tuesday I hoped for a companion piece that was more indicative of the relevance and urgency of their current song output. this thoroughly fulfilled those wishes. of course the mandatory familiar classics were present in wish, motp, hlah and hurt but beyond those we were treated to a challenging, at times subdued and diverse collection that touched upon nearly the entire discography. of particular note were the tracks from with teeth/year zero/the slip that are by and large under represented in the 2017-2018 setlists. those hit hard as i was of course a fan as a teenager broken/tds years, strayed away during fragility era only to return to the fold circa 2005. so those albums have resonance for me in that they rekindled my love of trent's alternating aggression and introspection.

back to wednesday, how awesome was it that they gave their all to the becoming and i do not want this, even if is a departure for trent/band to revisit that mental state. only/copy of a/i'm afraid of americans have such a groove that it's too bad certain fans are so hung up on the earliest releases they dismiss anything post fragile. (i know a few of these people). for me, the power of this run of shows is to display the breadth of material they can tap into and perform with aplomb. at least that's what it's turning into as we're now 4 shows deep with what may possibly be a greatest hits/more crowd accessible pair of weekend shows to conclude their stint. hell, we got both of the all time debuts from this tour in the TPD and AATCHB in the same show.

both tue/wed were the mid-week sleepers so to speak, an opportunity for band to do what they wanted because after all it is their decision and right to withhold or bequeath at the right time. i'm going to pinch myself when it's all over. i love the huge arena productions (forum 2008 and staples 2013 come to mind) but these stripped down song focused affairs get to the heart of the matter. just glad i went into wednesday with the right mindset and a certain amount of patience. there was a LOT of new to absorb which is off putting to anyone not anticipating that setlist construction.

12/12 was truly "less than" ;)

12-13-2018, 01:32 PM
Show thoughts!

1. Each night, I think I'll be done being surprised, and each night I'm surprised. The Becoming into I Do Not Want This and The Good Soldier were the biggest standouts for me.
2. Getting to hear The Perfect Drug and And All That Could Have Been for the second time each and for the first time in the same night. It's still so surreal.
3. Trent on sax still makes me smile.
4. Went with three casual fan friends. It's a shame they didn't come the previous night for a more familiar set, but they all still had a blast, so that makes me happy. It's always nice when other people appreciate something you care so much about.
5. I am getting so sick of the people who wait until the band goes on and then decide to push their way past dozens of people who've been waiting for hours. Fuck you.

12-13-2018, 02:32 PM
last night was in my top three shows ever, and my favorite setlist of all time. i love when we get a wide swath of eras and albums. it finally crystallized for me-- i'm not the same person i was 25 years ago, and neither is trent. and while i love hearing sets like tuesday's, it means so much more to me personally to get a varied setlist, because part of what's special to me about nin is how we've changed together over those 25 years.

less than
letting you
this isn't the place
shit mirror (still fucking dying over this live. i love this song so much more now.)
ahead of ourselves
copy of a
-- these songs come from a fucked up place

good soldier
-- get the smiles out of your system
even deeper

some thoughts:
- becoming > idnwt > i'm afraid of americans was a great combo. so much fresh energy hearing these together. three of my favorite songs, two of which i'd never heard live before. my face melted off.
- less than should be a setlist staple. i know thtf is a intro point for a lot of fans, but if tr replaced thtf with less than on setlists it would be such a breath of fresh air.
- somewhere around six songs in, a group of people near me were talking about how they had only known one song so far (this probably would have been during the lovers, otherwise i wouldn't have been able to hear them, haha). later i was overhearing some people (probably not the same group) exclaiming that copy of a is their favorite song. there was a really good mix of casual and committed fans last night, and aside from a couple drunk people who were pretty over it by the time the encore rolled around, the crowd was great.
- shoutout to the kid on their parent's shoulders in the middle of the floor. i couldn't tell, but it looked like an 8- or 9-year-old-- way into it, and wearing a brand-new show specific shirt. seeing that made my fucking night. :)

12-14-2018, 06:26 PM
Waited in line from a little before 7 AM for this one, which is by far the longest Iíve ever waited for any concert, ever. I would have given up, or not tried to do that at all, if it werenít for all the great people I met in line while waiting on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday. Iím going to go ahead and say thank you to all of you lovely people now, whether I only got your ETS name or your real name: Christy, Will, Layla, @mtgraves, Cimci, bractune (?), Discobunny, m0reta, Aldo, Jerry, and many others I didnít even get the name of, but above all fragile3.1 for reaching out to me when I made my post conveying my anxiety about coming to these shows alone, and for convincing me that there would be friends to be made in line, and that it would all be worth it. Thank you for your kindness. I already felt strong love for the NIN community and ETS, but this really cemented you all in my black little heart forever.

I was on the rail with bractune next to me, just about even with Robin for the night. Only downside to the evening was a bitch behind me that even before NIN had started was already jockeying to get rail. I think she even had her hands on both sides of the rail around bractune at one point, (correct me if Iím wrong), which is just a bizarre and rude thing to do if you donít even know the person. It sounds like a little thing to gripe over, but it was distracting and obnoxious.


I enjoyed the night immensely otherwise. Set list had a bit of everything to enjoy. Particularly loved TPD, The Becoming, and of course And All That Could Have Been. Trent seemed super chatty for whatever reason. If I can upload video later Iíll post what I got of him talking, but he commented ďIíll admit, weíre tired tonightĒ, and said that touring-wise these were coming down to the last of it, and that this is it ďfor the foreseeable futureĒ, then after some booing/crying ďI didnít say it was the last show, just the last show for quite sometimeĒ. So ó a little sigh of relief.

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12-15-2018, 04:06 PM
Oh yeah, and I even had a chance to meet Mark Romanek!

Do you have any idea why Mark was there? Was he just there to see the show as a fan? I've always wanted him to work with NIN again...

12-16-2018, 12:52 PM
its LA. Lots of famous people were there.