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I have been there in 2005 (!).

A wonderful place and the line-up was so amazing: "Nine Inch Nails", Saul Williams, "Sonic Youth", "Kraftwerk", "Queens of the stone age", "Isis", "Bloc Party", "Electrelane", "The Faint", "Le Tigre", "Interpol", "Vitalic", "Coco Rosie", "The Bravery", "The National", "Eagles of Death Metal", "Röyksopp", "Chemical Brothers", "The Killers", "Bonnie Prince Billy" etc.

Not kidding:

I don't think that the 2018-version will be as cool as this. But if you consider visiting an European Festival because of NIN, this could be a very good choice. It takes place on a peNINsula. A lot of nature/water around, bring your bike or rent one.

(Line-Up so far not that explosive: NIN, Queens of the stone age, At the drive-in, Liam Gallagher, Cigarettes after sex, Beth Ditto, Alice in Chains, Macklemore, The Black Madonna and other artists I don't know at all)

The site looks like this:

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What do you think of the lineup the day of NIN (the 6th) ?


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@notsoprettynow (http://www.echoingthesound.org/community/member.php?u=5503)

What do you think of the lineup the day of NIN (the 6th) ?

uh... nothing there for me :(
richie hawtin maybe?

(but since i am writing my thesis in july there are no festivals possible for me anyway. i will only attend the berlin-concert)

07-03-2018, 09:36 AM
Friday morning I'm flying from Helsinki to Belfort. Ten years ago marked the pivoting period when I discovered NIN, QOTSA, AIC and everything Mike Patton. Now, a decade later I get to see the entire bunch on the same festival lineup, NIN for a mere second time, as well as Patton. Excuse my hype, but on a personal level this is goddamn monumental, man.

I've only vaguely delved into Dead Cross and I'm not all that big on their style, but I'll gladly let them kick my ass live first before making a judgment. Should be oozing that awesomely intense primal energy.

Also looking forward to seeing what the locals and other mystery acts have to offer. Trying to get some touch on them via the official Spotify playlist before hitting the venue.