View Full Version : TRAR Credits in Surround Project

06-19-2015, 08:47 AM
I've been editing music from DVD's and Blu-rays so I can have the credit sequence tracks in surround. TR/AR made exclusive 5.1 mixes for the movies. I use eac3to with the DTS-HD decoder (the old one was Arcsoft, the new one and better is called dcadec).

Obviously, I won't post links to these here, so, if you want these, please, PM me.

So far, I have:

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Immigrant Song and Is Your Love Strong Enough?
Blu-ray 5.1 DTS-HD MA converted to FLAC

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man
DVD AC3 5.1 converted to FLAC

If you happen to have Tetsuo on Blu-ray, please, contact me. I want to edit the DTS-HD version. I'm working on Gone Girl and The Social Network now. I'll look for Book of Eli and Broken City next.