View Full Version : Dick Laurent is dead . . .

10-11-2014, 09:55 PM
And "Driver Down" is severely underrated.



Microwave Jellyfish
10-11-2014, 10:12 PM
Apparently you can't have those two guys collaborating without epilepsy-triggering results.

10-13-2014, 10:03 AM
wish trent used more sax on stuff. that whole song is incredible.

10-13-2014, 10:50 AM
The soundtrack is a fucking masterpiece, as is the movie.

10-13-2014, 11:34 AM
The soundtrack is a fucking masterpiece, as is the movie.

I re-watched the movie last year and I think it's a pretty underrated gem in the Lynch catalog. I feel like because a lot of techniques got re-used in the (superior) Mullholland Drive, it's sort of been forgotten, but on re-watch, I found it way more thematically interesting

10-13-2014, 09:25 PM
I feel that Lost Highway is superior - it's my favourite Lynch film by a country mile.
Mulholland Drive always seemed disjointed to me: it is, after all, a pilot for a TV show that never happened.

12-11-2014, 03:57 PM
Between Driver Down and TPD Trent had some really cool musical ideas at the time. DD is one of my all-time favorites.

I feel like if 1997 had somehow resulted in a new NIN album there would be world peace.