View Full Version : [Visual Art] Through the eye of Self.Destructive.Pattern.

09-07-2014, 01:49 AM
Ever since collaborating with several members of hitrecord.org after the last 7 years has really brought a lot of motivation back to my creative soul, and finding an inspiration I thought was lost forever. Taking photos and creating video shorts and editing footage really came really easy to me. I have so many ideas it really is hard to put them all into perspective, but I use the same guidelines I guess you can call them from sketching, to drawing, shading, shooting, and writing... I put out what comes to mind. What I write comes from some fluid thought and ideas I don't take the time to stop and evaluate what was just said, or thought, or drawn... you get the picture. Seeing and hearing another's reaction to what they enjoy about my work makes everything I made so wroth while.

I've been on this site for about seven years (Before the big crash), so I figured I should share a different side of what I'm about besides critiques and debates :p Let me know what ya guys think... could really use the input. I will be posting some video shorts, photos, and some passages. Feel free to chime in! I'll start off with some photos.

http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt82/fearlessflyer1986/Facebook/Timeline%20Photos/1271058_10201337799360645_441597184_o.jpg?t=141006 8522

http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt82/fearlessflyer1986/Facebook/Timeline%20Photos/1097800_10201237961744767_724152860_o.jpg?t=141006 8527

http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt82/fearlessflyer1986/Facebook/Timeline%20Photos/857206_10200243745729988_1205234946_o.jpg?t=141006 8561

http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt82/fearlessflyer1986/Facebook/Timeline%20Photos/10583035_10203585779838752_3603774158059380279_o.j pg?t=1410068448