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05-18-2013, 03:39 PM
You all remember when With Teeth was Bleedthrough right? It was going to be another concept album about a never ending dream,and how it was coming to life as Trent said.
Well as you can see,He scraped it and made With Teeth,but for me,I wanted it to come back and that's what I wanted to do.
I think alot of you are confused about the song tracks,whether it be misplaced tracks,sounds to much like with teeth (which is what I was aiming for).
What I wanted to is keep that Dream concept going,by putting in tracks and remixes that seem to well.........bleedthrough to another life.

I will be updating the playlist shortly

Home is the first track off the bootleg and is a very beautiful song as it is. To me it starts the whole dream part of the concept. The Dreamer continues his life as it should be,not realizing this is all a dream. He has his wife beside him,but he has a strange feeling that something is different and he is not......."Home".
I also made some kind of gurgling noise at the beginning and put some high pitch noise that takes over,to me marking the first "Bleedthrough".
The song ends,"Bleeding" into the next song "Non-Entity"

By this time,The Dreamer realizes that he is stuck in a place he cant get out of,stuck in a dream that seems so real,yet so fake. He wonders if he stays in here,will he be forgotten? Will he just fade away? Is his lover real,or just his imagination?
The song "Bleeds" into 'And All That Could Have Been"

The Dreamer is slowly losing his mind,accepting that he too,is nothing but a figment of someones imagination. He tells his lover that he is fake and wants nothing to do with her,and tells her that he is nothing more then a dream and was never real to anything that he ever said about loving her. His Psyche is slowly fading away just as the song "Bleeds" Into "Every Day Is Exactly The Same"

Since he believes he is nothing but a dream,The Dreamer just does what he is told from the "Others",like a robot. His Personality has been drained from him. He tells himself "Why?". He doesn't know why he is here or for a matter....who he was himself. He thinks about it more.........
"bleeds" into..............a new dream.......


We have a second dreamer......her...the lover....

The Frail

She....was to stuck inside her own dreams.......but unlike Him,She "Bleeds' Into other peoples dreams,and she had bled into His dream. She unknowingly had bled into his dream,and seeing him was thought to be a normal day,she didn't know she was dreaming as well. She just continued on her life..........
"Bleeds" Into "The Day The World Went Away

The Lover was having a good "day". She had got off work and was expecting the usual warm welcome from Him. When she came home she was greeted with the little speech he had thought about. She could see the nothingness inside of him,all the hate and despair. She was heartbroken and ran off........

We "bleed " back to His Dream

AИ0THEЯ VĘЯTI0И 0F THE TЯUTH (Another Version of the Truth)

He realized he made a huge mistake,and took off running,in search for his lover. He looked high and low,all while blaming himself about how foolish he was and how he could ever say such things.

"Bleeds" Into The Collapse (In This Twilight)

Because of all the negativity in the dreamers mind,the dream itself started to change. The night sky was all but white,and everything around him was dying a slow death. The Dreamer himself felt weak,and was losing conciseness. He had to think more positive or else he would truly fade away
"Bleeds' Into "A Warm Place"

The Dreamer just stopped and sat down. He had to find the one thing that made his life complete,his Lover. He was trying to make the nightmare go away. He thought about all the good times and everything from their first date to their marriage. It worked,and the sky was slowly changing back to a blue sky and the live that was fading slowing gave birth to life again.

We go back to her dream now
Beautiful Nightmare (Head Down)

The Lover had hid herself in a cave,being as far away from him as possible. It was about the time where the sky turned white and the death around her started. She now Knew that she was dreaming,and all the stuff that was said was not true,but now she had to go back and find Him again.

Now we go to BOTH of there dreams
Beside You In Time.

Both The Lover and The Dreamer are searching frantically for each other,while taking what ever the dreams had to offer. Both of them felt like Nothing Could Stop Them Now. So long as they were together again,nothing else mattered. by this time they had finally found each other,but as they were just about to hug,both of them just vanish off to a different part of the dream. When they found each other again,whenever they got close enough,they would just Bleed to another part of the dream. Nothing was going right anymore

"Bleeds' to "Right Where It Belongs"

By this time they know they are dreaming,but they but they had no idea how to wake up. Are they forever stuck in there own dreams?

Gone, Still
"Bleeds" Into "The Great Below"

They had no choice to stay As far away as possible. They both left walky-talkys so they had someway of talking to each other. They where so lonely and so far away

"Bleeds " Into "Leaving All Hope"

Both of them realize this is the life they must live with. Separated for about a year.....they both lost most of there human traits,talking,feeding and all the important stuff.

"Bleeds into "Zer0-1nes"

They once again,barely,managed to find themselves again,but this time,they didn't just disappear as before. They managed to get a hug out of it,and then the sky turned dark and a bright ring appeared on the sky,just hovering.

"Bleeds' Into "Wave Goodbye"

Both of them were stuck together now,they could not be separated at all. The Glowing light in the sky was beginning to draw them up in the air,almost like it was sucking them up. Was this the end? Is this How they die?

we finally 'Bleed' to "The Feeling Disappears" (Hurt)

They were blinded by a light,and then in all turned red first and then black. it stayed that way for months,they felt like there where swimming though nothing. A white hole suddenly appeared and they both "swam' like no tomorrow. A ghast and ghostly hand grabs them and pulls them out and then.............

They two where born............


This is my first time writing omething like this. I know Im not good at grammer and stuff and I know I probably suck at this but its my first time

Tell me what you think of it...............

05-18-2013, 03:40 PM
Also I might make A Sequel called "Bled Out"