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11-28-2011, 06:39 PM
If you haven't been following comesforthinthethaw.com, it's been live for over a month, and the music actually changes every hour or two. On top of the music in the background, clips of dialog and foley from the movie occasionally play. There have been at least six 'songs' that have come and gone on the site, usually starting out very sparse, building up to being several instruments deep, becoming more and more reverberated, until a new track begins to take shape. Because it's streaming only, if you miss it, it's gone. It's an interesting approach, and I'm surprised at the amount of sonic material that's been created for the site. Everything's been fairly low tempo and ambient, but that's likely to be countered in the final score by tracks like the cover of Immigrant Song with Karen O.

12-01-2011, 12:39 AM
The audio on comesforthinthethaw at the time of this post can also be heard in the new background audio on dragontattoo.com -- you may have to reload a few times though, because the site now draws from randomly from two MP3 files for its background audio.

12-01-2011, 05:11 PM
I have greatly enjoyed this bit of marketing, even though I haven't been able to keep up with all of it. It's been effective at making me want to spend time and money to see this film the day it comes out. I normally don't care when or if I see any movie. Being able to identify with Salander, I've been a little hesitant to see a film rendering of her. But the build up surrounding the film has made an impact on me.Looking forward to it.

12-04-2011, 04:43 PM
I've been enjoying this too, there was one in particular at the beginning with the sound of tuning violins (or so I thought, I'm not very good at identifying instruments) I really liked so hope it's on the full soundtrack.

The one that is called 'please take your hand away' is really disturbing I think, when I first heard it it reminded me of a scene in a short story called 'the last illusion' by Clive Barker where a demonic band is playing using corpses as instruments, that scene just came back to me listening to the music. It made me think that I would love to hear a Clive Barker film scored by Trent & Atticus

12-05-2011, 05:38 PM
Anyone know how I can download the files that it was pulling from like "please take your hand away" etc.? You can PM me if you cant post links here. THANKS! I pre-ordered the cd already I just cant wait to hear more!!!

12-08-2011, 03:19 PM
New track started up a little before midnight last night.

12-10-2011, 11:50 AM
HI, i need some help, i've been recording the "songs" on CFITT almost 4 times a day since october 23rd... and it vegins on october 10th...i have the list of the songs that sound from october 23rd until today...

27 - Another Way To Caring
22 - A Pause For Reflection
13 - Please Take Your Hand Away
24 - The Seconds Drag
10 - One Particular Moment
26 - Parallel Timeline With Alternate Outcome
05 - Perihelion
25 - Later Into The Night (Now...)

But i know that "Later Into The Night" sound before in the dates that i don't have... there's anybody that record before me and know the songs from the begining ??

Thanx (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nine-Inch-Nails-Per%C3%BA/122876062246)

12-13-2011, 12:38 PM
NINPeru -- See message I sent for more details. Basic version: http://in-fincher-we-trust.tumblr.com/ has some of the earlier track grabs.

12-14-2011, 02:26 PM
k, it is definitely looping now. Today's clips first debuted on October 26th.

12-14-2011, 04:36 PM
k, it is definitely looping now. Today's clips first debuted on October 26th.

thanks for the info, i missed up until november 3rd :)