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01-02-2013, 04:56 PM
Bored at work today, so I am reading through the lineage of clues that were followed from MTS and WIHIS to find the flowers from the TGWTDT

Considering that there are still 2 books / european movies to re-make, what are your thioughts on the following?:

Will David Fincher Direct, and if so with the same cast?
Will TR and AR be doing the score?
Will there be anovther viral campaign?

I'd interested to hear thoughts and speculation on all of this. I know that if there is going to be second movie, its a ways off at the moment, but IMHO I would love to see this triology finnished out in the same fashion, cast, director, score, and viral campaign included.

4-3 3-5 1-11 6-9 - 8-2 3-2 - 1-17 5-13 3-2 5-13 9-7.

01-02-2013, 05:13 PM
Cast is for sure, as it's in the contract. Fincher implied that studio interference might put him off doing the next two, and TR has said he wouldn't do it without Fincher - Atticus could do it solo of course, if there's time around HTDA.

The viral campaign was thought up by TRAR, so without them, there might not be another one.