View Full Version : Custom PC available Intel i7, 6gb ram, dual graphics cards, 1tb solid state HD

07-24-2012, 04:18 PM
So, a buddy of mine made this, and is looking to sell it. I figured there may be some interest in it here, so here are the details and a link to further information. he is willing to drop the price from what is posted here if someone is interested in making the purchase.

ClockWorx is a custom built computer for gaming and highly demanding computing. I have created a completely custom "case" which is open air and welded together with a variety of recycled metal components. The base is constructed of saw blades to give the computer an aggressive edge, and various recovered components, scrap metal, and gears are used to hold all the computer components in place. This is a one of a kind piece that will be a great addition to any art collection, office, or home.

ClockWorx is as much an art project as a technical computing machine. It has been optimized and set up with some of the best computing components available. It runs an Intel i7 with 2 GTX460 video cards. It even runs a lightning fast OCZ solid state drive which boots up windows in seconds.

Computer is sold with hard drives freshly reformatted so you can start new by simply installing your own operating system (Windows 7 recommended).




The specs of the computer are:
Motherboard: EVGA X58 Micro
CPU: Intel i7 930
RAM: ADATA 3x DDR3 1600 6Gb total
Graphics Card: EVGA GTX460 and ASUS GTX460 (1Gb each)
Solid State Drive: OCZ AGILITY2
PSU: Corsair GS800
Cooling: Scythe Mugen
Other: DVD burner, and orange accent lighting around base

please enjoy, feel free to ask questions.