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  1. Most ball-squeezingly intense NIN moment?
  2. What would a T. Reznor autobiography be titled?
  3. Russell Mills on meeting Trent Reznor & His haunting NIN artwork
  4. NIN Podcast
  5. The Worst NIN song
  6. Is there a good live version of Mr. Self Destruct available somewhere?
  7. Interview with Trent answering to being afraid to sing "Kill Me" ?
  8. With Teeth Vocals
  9. The Downward Spiral Vocals (attemp and best efforts)
  10. Looking to make a NIN mix CD
  11. Recycled (2000) any clue?
  12. Ran for Congress with NIN themed campaign
  13. Just Do It
  14. Shoot the shit about Nine Inch Nails, not about Trent's family please. Thanks!
  15. Happy 51st birthday, Trent!
  16. TOIOU winding down - doing a final clearout
  17. Trent at WWDC NOW...
  18. question about the "we're in this together" CD singles.
  19. NIN HoloLens experiments
  20. Trent signs RIAA supported petition.
  21. Tension release update?, questions?, Insight?
  22. YZ ARG media (for research purposes)
  23. How would you like the final album to be like?
  24. Songs Nine Inch Nails Should Cover
  25. Can NIN still gain amounts of new fans?
  26. Nine Inch Nails - "DIVE AND SLAM" single release SEPTEMBER 2016 (or not)
  27. RIP James Woolley
  28. The Reznorator!
  29. Trent Reznor & Mogwai score climate change film
  30. I am Jack's Downward Spiral
  31. nine inch nails 2016 speculation (fat lady singing edition)
  32. Edit An Album
  33. Underrated NIN songs/albums
  34. Where would you tastefully place fucks?
  35. nin speculation useless banter (split)
  36. Tapeworm demos/Helmet/Page Hamiltion involvement/1995 tour
  37. Not The Actual Events
  38. Vinyl Rereleases December 2016 (Broken, TDS, TF)
  39. The Fragile: Deviations 1 - Limited Edition 4xLP (Spring 2017)
  40. New nin.com website
  41. "nin art director john crawford."
  42. New NIN Store Problem - advice
  43. Your NIN Remixes and Mashups
  44. Bad ideas thread of shame
  45. Download problems
  46. Two Major NIN projects in 2017 - Speculation
  47. The One and Only store.nin.com (Firebrand Live) Download (Fuck-up and) Support Thread
  48. A Warm Place (Sister Soleil Vocal Version)
  49. The Fragile: Super Ultra Hyper EX Plus Alpha.......
  50. NIN - Hesitation Marks
  51. NIN Spotting 2017
  52. Year Zero Feels Super Relevant Again
  53. Nine Inch Nails Telegram Stickers
  54. The Fragile Extended Playlists
  55. You should highlight the space after the description of the Broken EP...
  56. Trent officially guests on Twin Peaks
  57. Deviations Speculations
  58. New NIN 2017?
  59. Favorite NIN artwork
  60. New NIN in 2017... Then maybe not.
  61. Happy birthday, Halo 17!
  62. Sample in Feeders
  63. Halo, is it me you're looking for?
  64. This Big Broken Machine
  65. Top 5 Fragile Tracks
  66. Top 10 Instrumentals of All Time
  67. A very scary, inevitable reality
  68. Most hard-hitting aspect of a NIN song that resonates with you?
  69. NIN song with the most "hatred"
  70. Good NIN Rehearsals?
  71. Year Zero 2016 Remaster stream/DL
  72. How do you NIN?
  73. nin and lgbt
  74. Nine Inch Nails & Christian conservatives
  75. Ghosts I-IV: I-II or III-IV?
  76. Albums/Music like Not The Actual Events
  77. Favorite thing about each Album/EP
  78. Favorite song that doesn't include the title in the lyrics?
  79. Favorite setlist that exists
  80. Something hidden in the audio of NTAE?
  81. Not The Actual Events - Physical Edition variations
  82. Year Zero + Year Zero (CIA)
  83. NTAE vinyl cover (marks along the bottom right edge)
  84. Favorite NIN Guest Appearance On Other Albums?
  85. NME: Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack to soundtrack Banksy hotel
  86. Favorite Guest Musician in a NIN record?
  87. Unique NIN live shows/songs?
  88. What is the album you return to the most?
  89. Year Zero 10 year anniversary thread!
  90. Very first thing that comes to mind...
  91. A Warm Place: The mystery continues..
  92. halo fifty two. trent reznor is old.
  93. Beck vs NIN
  94. NIN store June 2017 reboot (Sandbag)
  95. Best Meathead moments?
  96. Not the Actual Trilogy
  97. Quake OST Vinyl
  98. NEW NIN EP out before tour starts!
  99. not the actual topic
  100. hallucinate in high fidelity (Live 2013-2014)
  101. Piggy chorus cover in Netflix's Okja trailer
  102. The Actual Event?
  103. The Nine Inch Nails in Twin Peaks.
  104. Sandbag Watch - NIN and Sandbag part. Livenation picks up the pieces.
  105. Newly Divorced NIN fan here from NY looking to meet other NIN fans for Panorama Show
  106. NIN Remixes
  107. Add Violence
  108. Commissioning a mass printing of the 'Deviations 1' booklet
  109. Your personal interpretation of nin songs.
  110. Less Than
  111. Add Violence Back Cover...ARG?
  112. This Isn't The Place
  113. The Nassal Company
  114. Okay, we need to talk about how these EPs reference the whole NIN discography
  115. David Bowie - I Can't Give Everything Away (Farewell Mix) - TR/AR
  116. NTAE PC - Branches/Bones Page: BlockCode?
  117. The Background World
  118. Lights in the Sky 400GB Torrent - Anyone got an archive?
  119. Help: Need large format NIN / Nothing / Interscope Logo files.
  120. I met my spouse/significant other because of NIN
  121. branches/bones extended lyrics
  122. Random Musings of a Year Zero World/NTAE/AV
  123. Part two. The view widens and everything is in question.
  124. Your Best NIN Playlist Transitions
  125. FYF Flyer for upcoming show
  126. Morse code in Burning Bright
  127. Hidden Writing in Panorama Poster
  128. Not Anymore - additional lyrics
  129. Night of Nothing at the Jimmy's in New Orleans
  130. NIN Lyrics Database / Stats
  131. Post your custom NIN albums
  132. ADD VIOLENCE Physical Component
  133. The Warning [WITH_TEETH] lyrics?
  134. Great Merch Company Experiences
  135. i figured out that backwards music in Closer
  136. Nimes 2009 DVD TOIOU - Converted Video?
  137. The Fragile 5.1 mix
  138. Prick "Animal" and NIN "Closer"
  139. Chicago NIN Q&A at Reckless Records and Interview on 101WKQX
  140. Reznor's sexuality is not a nin spotting
  141. Ghosts album cover - why it looks how it looks?
  142. The Trilogy's End (speculation)
  143. Year Zero Documentary?
  144. Head Like A Hole-source for "chanting" samples
  145. Return of The NIN Store - Livenation
  146. Niggy Tardust Instrumentals?
  147. Seasons of the Nine Inch Nails
  148. "Idolize Yourself" - Greatest Hits
  149. NIN Spotting 2018
  150. Your Favourite NINstrument
  151. Things Falling Apart
  152. Neighbor issues
  153. NIN Poster Collections
  154. Vinyl Rerelease 2019 (With Teeth)
  155. Better Alone (A Trent Reznor Playlist)
  156. Trent Reznor, Uncle Al, and the Revolting Cocks
  157. Make an album with a concept
  158. Fragility 1.0 Tour Projections Source Tape
  159. Songs are never the same?
  160. Not The Actual Events: schizophreniasdiary
  161. The ADD VIOLENCE Serial Number Discussion
  162. Other possible ARG activity around the same time as schizophreniasdiary
  163. NTAE PC Branches/Bones Code Theory
  164. Something that confuses me about A Warm Place/Crystal Japan
  165. Happy 10th Birthday, Ghosts I-IV!!
  166. Trent Synth sounds questions.
  167. Maynard James Keenan pranking Trent
  168. Sin (French Band) (1998) and Closer (Thrust)
  169. IDW uses BOM graphic in presentation
  170. Writing that's directly inspired by Trent/NIN
  171. Dive & Slam, Pt. 2 (of 3)
  172. The Fragile : An Ultimate Edition (fan compilation)
  173. Design Your Own Single Disc Fragile
  174. The Lovers
  175. Bad Witch LP - new album out 6/22/2018
  176. God Break Down the Door - first single
  177. Trilogy (NTAE, Add violence, Bad Witch) playing order/theories
  178. Bad Witch LP - out 6/22/2018, Part II
  179. nincatalog down?!?
  180. seed0??
  181. New Art Director for NIN?
  182. Nine inch nails – the downward spiral - book research
  183. Is ‘Dead Souls’ considered a part of ‘The Downward Spiral’???
  184. What Was The Rollout For Pretty Hate Machine???
  185. nincatalog
  186. Looking For TV Spots From PHM/Downward Spiral Promo Campaign
  187. Bad Witch LP, out June 22 (thread pt 3) SPOILERS
  188. Fan Made Videos
  189. Accessing Soundchecks
  190. Ahead Of Ourselves Debuted Live
  191. NIN shirts at JCP (because you're scared of Hot Topic)
  192. there is no masterplan
  193. What was the the timeline for the writing and recording of this EP trilogy?
  194. I want to GRIND you like an Animal....NIN + Coffee
  195. BLFO posts split
  196. Pigface Gub Vinyl Re-Issue
  197. Lost Highway Missing from iTunes and Apple Music?
  198. Archive.org 'Test 2' and 'Hapiness Test'
  199. Trilogy themes/story ideas.
  200. Fragile: Deviations 1 missing tracks?
  201. Fall tour
  202. The Downward Spiral Remix Album Playlist
  203. I think The Great Below is about Mariqueen (it's not)
  204. Pretty Hate Machine Flight Jacket sizing
  205. The Actual Violence: Twin Peaks Witch Events
  206. Back & Forth: Nine Inch Nails
  207. Internet-famous whiner complains about not seeing Closer
  208. Anyone Still have Year Zero pages saved
  209. Thanks Trent!
  210. The Phantom Project - Ghosts tribute - putting it on archive.org
  211. Saul Williams Niggy Tardust 10th Anniversary Vinyl re-issues coming
  212. Woodstock 1994 new VHS audio transfer from original broadcast
  213. (not a nutty thread on an arg. research stuff.)
  214. [after all is said and done] audio still available?
  215. Nine Inch Nails - the line begins to blur (Un-Official Music Video) with lyrics
  216. IMPORTANT: nice tweet from Trent, help needed
  217. The Cold and Black and Infinite Brick Road (The Trilogy syncs to The Wizard of Oz)
  218. Black As Your Soul - Stories Inspired By The Songs Of Nine Inch Nails
  219. Thinking of “her” and pronouns w/out antecedents
  220. The Nine Inch Nails - the discussion thread
  221. Top 10 Favorite NIN songs
  222. Halo 312 The Box Set: A Gift For My BFF!!!
  223. Still 2.0 dream list
  224. Ghosts V-VIII?
  225. NIN Spotting 2019
  226. NIN Spotting 2019
  227. Bill Leeb fans don't like Trent Reznor's vocals (split from NIN Spotting)
  228. Trilogy songs: Ranked best to worst
  229. Nintourhistory hacked
  230. Rank The Singles!
  231. Lights in the Sky RAW footage
  232. I have a NIN uncirculated pro-shot
  233. Preferred hardware for listening.
  234. Ten mashups featuring Closer by yours truly
  235. Whats the story behind Trent, Pharrell, & Lapdance?
  236. I'm afraid of... infringement?
  237. March the 8th
  238. Further Down The Spiral not available through iTunes US anymore?
  239. Hidden Things & Mysteries on NIN albums
  240. Missing three tracks from The Fragile Deviations digital download.
  241. Favorite Former Members
  242. Strobe Light is OUT!!
  243. Trent on stage with The Cure
  244. No Reply From NIN Store Customer Service
  245. This year is the 10 year anniversary of...
  246. Lil Nas X samples 34 Ghosts IV - Old Town Road
  247. Broken Vinyl cardboard seam split Brand new?
  248. "Music From and Inspired By Natural Born Killers" vs "A Soundtrack for..."
  249. What did you do with your Physical Components?
  250. Mr Self Destruct Vocals