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Thread: Controversial Music Opinions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by aggroculture View Post
    Fall Out Boy are a great band, very underrated, but I haven't really listened to their last releases.

    More broadly early 00s emo style seems really cringey to me at the moment, and I feel that I don't want to revisit those bands right now. I don't think the style has aged well, all that smug irony and misogyny is not a good look these days.
    i presume you mean critically overrated because they’re quite popular. I got stuck watching them at Reading festival when that save rock n roll album came out and they sucked so bad live, their performance was dull and the music wasn’t even catchy, it was shambolic and surely pop music is not supposed to be that. You come over like you’re trying to be contrarian more than anything

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    you should know me better than that by now
    Fall Out Boy are awesome; once they broke free of their emo confines, they got down a couple of albums with some great classic songwriting, experimented with soul and disco, whilst retaining their edge. Patrick Stump is a great singer, and Pete Wentz a witty lyricist. I've seen them live and yeah it wasn't particularly impressive
    this is probably my fave FOB song:

    this one's also good:

    and this is a riot:

    this one has a stomping 80s swagger:

    granted they are often cheesy and I can see why they're hateable - I used to hate them too before I got into them - but I think their talent is undeniable

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