Hey all:
My band Jane in Space is releasing our new album, "Gorerunner," on July 13, 2018. The album was mixed and produced with Keith Hillebrandt, whom I think most of you are probably familiar with. :-)

Check out the Cronenberg-inspired video for our new single, "Eat Your Face" --


PureGrainAudio said Jane in Space "keeps you spellbound with their hypnotic electronic then, when you least expect it, jab you hard with their deep industrial beats" which I thought sounded very sexy.

if you're into it, follow us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/listentojaneinspace

for those of you with a tech interest, the song was written primarily using the Elektron Octatrack. That "ROWRRRR" sound was a Little Phatty through a bunch of pedals, with a lot of parameters being midi-modulated by the Octatrack. the "guitar solo" is actually a bunch of spliced together takes of a guitar through moog freqbox, moog ring modulation, danelectro daddy-o, elektron analog heat, and roland RE-201... always happy to chat more... :-)