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Thread: Things Falling Apart

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    TFA brings to mind memories of a rainy day protecting my discman under my coat, biting my lower lip to the pleasureable sounds of the building acoustic guitars in The Wretched (version) and really finally making up my mind once and for all to check out "This Gary Numan guy everyone seems to be covering".

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    Quote Originally Posted by acrid avid jam shred View Post
    I would love to hear different interpretations of the more recent NIN stuff by TR/AR
    This. Trent always did the best remixes of the era.

    Head Like A Hole (Opal)
    Like half of Fixed
    All The Pigs, All Lined Up, Closer To God, The Art of Self Destruction, Part One, The Beauty Of Being Numb
    The Perfect Drug
    TDTWWA (quiet), Slipping Away

    I honestly don't really care about anyone else remixing the material unless they want to move it in a meaningful direction.

    But I don't really think remix albums are viable nowadays. They seem to have all but disappeared.

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