Some guidelines:

1) Um…What happens if I don’t read 50 books and watch 50 movies this year?
Easy: we send a bounty hunter to your house. Actually, there is no punishment (not this year, anyhow). It’s your personal challenge, so all we ask is that you try. No matter what, you’ll probably consume more books/movies than you’ve ever done before. This, my friends, is what we call win-win.

2) Do I have to read the books, or can I just skim?
I can see how this would be confusing. Oh wait, no. C’mon people, it’s a reading challenge! Same as fast-forwarding through a movie isn’t the same as really watching one, this is about taking the time to really enjoy. For the avoidance of doubt, please read the book for it count.

3) Do long books count as 2? What about movies?
If your book is over 500 pages, you can count it as two books if you like. We still consider you an Overachiever. However, if the book is 2,000 pages, it’s still just two books — not four! We want to encourage you to read longer pieces. This answer has been posted for the benefit of all you Game of Thrones fanatics out there. Go forth and prosper or whatever it is. No matter the length, a movie is still just a (one, 1, “ONE”) movie. That said, installments in a movie series (example: the individual Godfather movies) would each snag an individual point. Go you.

4) Can I rewatch/reread?
Of course you can rewatch and reread… it just won’t count towards your 50/50!

5) What should I read/watch?
Anything you like!

There are more rules but they're specific for the blog I copied them from. Also they're stupid so I'm not going to go into them here.

The only thing that I would want to add to this is that everyone gets to make a recommendation for a required reading or viewing for the year. Something that you really enjoyed and want to experience with others and maybe generate some discussion. I see too many of these threads just turn into "I read these books/watched these movies" postings at the end of the month and that's boring. Obviously there could be issues if there are more than 50 people taking place so we'll just leave that one as an "or".

And I realize this is kind of bridging the forums of Literature and Le Cinema so it might be in the wrong place.


xx/50 Books

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xx/50 Movies

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