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Thread: branches/bones extended lyrics

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    branches/bones extended lyrics

    So the prospect of a new ARG/ in NTAE/AV/3 got me excited, as I got to see the original YZ unfold. Sorry if this has been posted before and if so disregard but I went ahead and took out all the redundant words and phrases and pieced it back together again.
    Here's where you can find the garbled text:


    Feels like I’ve been here before
    yes, i have been here before
    allowing myself to feel a sense of comfort in the past
    not the actual events but the way i choose to remember them and you
    I guess things have a way of finding order
    almost everything i thought mattered
    my definition of myself
    what i thought of you
    has proven false
    in one way or another

    all of you
    go away from here
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