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    Quote Originally Posted by ziltoid View Post
    Tickets and VIP packages are now available!
    I just bought the VIP & Ticket Package!
    The prices are surprisingly really low.
    I am so hyped to finally be able to see ohGr, and with Lead into Gold no less!
    I bought my ticket yesterday off the venue's site link.

    Cool buy. I still need to buy the album.

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    I didn't like the new album the first few times I listened to it, like it really didn't resonate with me, but it's really grown on me. Been listening to it for the last couple days and it's really good.

    My favourite tracks are Subject, Muddle, Lye, Blowby and Mind Made God.
    If I had to rank the records I would put this one in the middle of the pack.

    1. Welt
    2. Undeveloped
    3. Tricks
    4. Sunnypsyop
    5. Devil In My Details

    After a few more listens, I might even be willing to put it above undeveloped. Looking back at the tracklist for undeveloped, there is a lot of filler, but the songs that are good on that record, are really good. Tricks is 10 solid tracks. No interludes or filler crap.
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    I'd probably go:


    Undeveloped has it's strong moments, but a lot of filler. Takes a bit to get going too. It's not until the 5th track that I really get into it. Comedown is awesome. I love Devils. I see it get flack. Not sure why. I feel like the jury is still out for Tricks. It's a return to the simpler songs. I like it. But, in no way does it compare to most of the older stuff.

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