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Thread: Pandemic Legacy - Season 1 Boardgame

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    Pandemic Legacy - Season 1 Boardgame

    I just recently got back into an old hobby of boardgame collecting and playing. My latest purchase was the highest rated game on called Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. If you've played the original Pandemic and liked that, you'll love the Legacy version of the game! Pandemic is a co-op game where it's the players playing as a team against the game. In this case the game is about a growing infectious disease that is wreaking havoc worldwide. It's basically an unraveling story played out from game to game. There is a deck of card that dictate your actions "month to month" in the game which instructs you how your objectives or events in the game change. You're asked to destroy cards, put stickers on the board, write on cards...etc.

    My stepdaughter and I have got to March in our Legacy play. The extent of the Season 1 story goes through 12 months (Jan-Dec). If you lose a game the first time through a month you have to replay that month. Our first month was possibly the best time I've ever had playing a board game, ever. We won the month by the skin of our teeth. The following spoiler-free review is a great overview of the mechanics. Do beware of spoilers with this game. A big element of the Legacy game is not knowing what surprises are around the corner from month to month and game to game. LOVE IT!

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    I've never played Pandemic but gave this a serious look. Alas we haven't had time for any games since my daughter was born, but maybe in a while... I was a little put off buying Pandemic Legacy simply because I had never played the original. But I've been very intrigued by the Legacy concept ever since I saw Risk Legacy.

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