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Thread: Oz (hbo)

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    I had a crush on Chris Keller a few years ago when I watched the series from the first episode to the last.
    Going to jail wouldn't be that bad with a cellmate like him .

    My favourite character was always Adebisi, funny, great personality and a complete fucking lunatic. A crazy charming SOB.

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    I finally finished this whole thing last evening. I'm sad that it's over. The final ending scenario was a little eye-rolling, but overall it was a very satisfying conclusion. Whoever said earlier that the final season was about trying to kill off as many characters as possible wasn't kidding. I'm legitimately surprised that several of them managed to survive to the end.

    This easily lands in my top three favorite television shows of all time. Right up there with other monumental judicial system shows like The Wire and The Shield. It's a shame its legacy has been largely forgotten since it went off the air, because it really did set the wheels in motion for the golden era of prestige-drama we live in today..

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