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Thread: Sigil 5: New HTDA speculations

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    Quote Originally Posted by astfgyl View Post
    While we are at it, does anybody know of anybody who got into TRs work first through HDTA? Without being aware of NIN at all, I mean.
    Festival-goers? I mean, they played some pretty big sets. You go as a fan of the headliner (someone way different than NIN, so you've quite possibly never heard them) and stop by to see this "Destroy Angels" band. A Trent-free introduction to HTDA.

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    Yeah both of the above are probably true. I was thinking at the time how it must hinder them as well as help them. I mean, it must be pretty difficult for HTDA to be judged on its own merits without always being held up against NIN. And yet they have a ready made audience by association, including those fairly large festival slots mentioned above.

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