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Thread: Cascadian cannabis ash paintings and woodburnings by KFP

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    Cascadian cannabis ash paintings and woodburnings by KFP

    I've dropped outta ETS for a while and want to share the art I've been making the last couple years. I had a transcendental experience in the Cascade mountains and invented my own paint. It's made in ritual during the wee hours of a full moon chiefly of cannabis ashes. Let me know what you think, or don't! I also just got into woodburning <3 Check out some older work here.

    You Can't Lie to Time
    2'x3' ash painting on recycled polypropylene, hand-built shadowbox with LED lights

    My 2nd ever wood burning!


    Thanks for looking.

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    'you can't lie to time' is gorgeous. yummy, even.
    what is the price? pm if preferred.
    thanks for sharing <3

    (the wood burning is lovely, but i always found wood burning art to be odd. lol. it is pretty impressive if that is your second foray. i confess i have one wood burning, but i loved what it said...that saying about whichever wolves you feed are the wolves that rule your life....anyway)
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