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Thread: Rank NIN Albums

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManBurning View Post
    Hey! Our top 4 are exactly the same!

    It's nice to see some love for NTAE. I don't get why people are ranking it so low. It's the classic abrasive NIN sound people have been asking for all this time.
    This EP trilogy is shaping up to be my favorite project Trent’s ever committed to. Aesthetically, thematically and sonically it’s all spoken to me heavily at this particular point in time in my life and has been exactly what I’ve been wanting out of music. Burning Bright live and in studio is one of the most powerful and overwhelming things he’s ever created and manages to feel like the pinnacle of the melodic abrasion he’s been pursuing since 1989 and The Background World feels like the logical endpoint of everything he’s been battling with himself about since With Teeth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clarktrent View Post
    1. Ghosts I-IV
    2. Further Down The Spiral (US)
    3. The Downward Spiral
    4. Fixed
    5. Quake OST
    6. The Fragile
    7. Broken
    8. Still
    9. Recoiled
    10. Not The Actual Events
    11. Add Violence
    12. Year Zero
    13. The Slip
    14. Hesitation Marks
    15. Things Falling Apart
    16. Pretty Hate Machine
    17. With Teeth
    18. Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D
    edgelord over here.

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    Albums Ranked:
    1. The Fragile
    2. The Slip
    3. Year Zero
    4. The Downward Spiral
    5. Pretty Hate Machine
    6. With Teeth
    7. Hesitation Marks

    EPs Ranked:
    1. Broken
    2. Add Violence
    3. Still
    4. Not The Actual Events

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