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Thread: Do you or don't you like Everything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krazy View Post
    Absolutely. Vessel (and many NIN songs prior to and after YZ) would probablysound pretty bad with more live drums. Going back to Everything though, it's pretty much a rock song- would've been better served without the programmed beat.
    I can agree with that, yes. I do like Everything, but it would have been very interesting to hear a live drum version. Similarly, "The Beginning Of The End" and "Meet Your Master" worked really well live, with a bit of live atmosphere and live drumming.

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    Lyrical content and drumming aside, I think I like Everything in a similar vein of how/why I got to like Getting Smaller, which then lead to my appreciation of Branches/Bones.

    Although in this case, I got Getting Smaller to thank for that.

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    For me, I really enjoyed it. It’s lyrical content is what makes it dark and sad, only masked by a seemingly upbeat positive music track. Always reminded me of a lost WITH TEETH track- specifically, HOME. Some of the ‘bleeding through’ references call back to WITH TEETH, and the album as a whole. (ALSO- the ‘wave goodbye’ lyrical reference from the song WITH TEETH.)

    HOME 3.11

    Everything is catching up with me
    I awake to find I'm not at all where I should be
    And it feels I'm getting to the end
    And it's hard to figure out what's real and what's pretend

    To break from what we're tied to
    God knows how much I've tried to
    And I am still inside you
    And I am still inside you

    I escape every now and then
    And to think I find myself back here again and again
    I used to know who I was until you came along
    I return to the only place I've ever felt that I belong

    To break from what we're tied to
    God knows how much I've tried to
    And I am still inside you
    And I am still inside you


    I survived everything
    I have tried everything
    And anything

    All the walls begin to dissolve away
    Feel your hands begin to shake
    And just who you think you used to be
    All begins to bend and break

    Wave goodbye
    Wish me well
    I've become something else
    Something else
    (Just as well, really)

    But this thing that lives inside of me
    Will surely rise and wake
    And his seed that bleeds right through to me
    As it comes to grab and take

    I am home
    I believe
    I am home
    I am free
    I am home
    I can see
    Always here
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    Was just listening to Hesitation Marks last week. Seems 'Everything' is about the only song that doesn't seem to fit. It's okay, but not as developed as the rest of the album. I appreciated the spoken word explanation of the background for the album, especially the unfinished demos. I think that's why 'Everything' seems like the outlier.

    Has a real 60s pop sensibility to it that I can't put my finger on. maybe the chord progressions, maybe the jangly guitar.

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    I found Trent Reznor's explanation of how Hesitation Marks came about to be interesting. He said in an interview (I forget which) that he wrote two songs that were intended to be used on a greatest hits album. Those songs were Everything and Satellite. He approached those songs very differently and was inspired by the groove and the synth used in Satellite. He chose to continue down that path and Hesitation Marks was born.

    For this reason Everything feels out of place and doesn't fit with the other songs on the record. I don't enjoy the song and feel it should've been left out. It's the vocals that don't work for me. I don't mind the instrumental version.

    The song Less Than reminds me of Everything. These two sound very similar to me. The worst part of both songs is the way they start. They have a higher pitch happier kinda cheesy sound. They later become more heavy and cool. Life would be better without Everything. I don't mind Less Than but I don't love it.

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