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Thread: The Relationship Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by eversonpoe View Post
    it means that you should be capable of being friends with a woman without having sexual fantasies about her, dude. seriously. this myth that men can't be friends with women without wanting to bone them is pervasive and completely false. value your friendship instead of being frustrated that you can't bone her.
    Thank you eversonpoe, at first I hated your reply but consequently, I know you are right, and instead of working from home today, I decided to go to work and I kinda apologized and asked if it's possible to continue our friendship and we talked and it feels much better. And it's not just sexual for me, but I have such and empty heart :-) and she gets me, sometimes mentioned she likes to be at work thanks to me, she hugged me before Christmas and small things, and it's hard not to fall into... and I know nothing's going to happen between us and I desperately try to somehow balance this situation and behave like decent person, and pretend it's OK. I hope soon I will look back at this writing and think "what a rubbish rambling, get it together man"... ;-)

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    it just occurred to me that i've been with my wife for almost six years. SIX fucking years.
    and we still love each other and treat one another with respect and i'm pretty sure neither of us is going anywhere.
    i think this is "it" for me.
    That thought comes with both joy and fear, but mostly joy and especially comfort.

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