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Thread: scary holloween storis

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    scary holloween storis

    i told the story of the homemade ouji board playlist suddenly coming on and pebbles landing om Tvc15 came on the other spending Halloween night Winchester mystery house with flashlights torches for my UK bothers, maybe the size but all nine of us left before daybreak anyone else.

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    your post makes no sense.


    if i get your gist, which i think i do, i suggest the scary stories to tell in the dark series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kel View Post
    your post makes no sense.


    if i get your gist, which i think i do, i suggest the scary stories to tell in the dark series.
    I feel this thead probably belonged in the Drunk Tank thread

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    The real horror is that title

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    Louie had a stroke a few years ago and had to relearn his dexterity abilities. So we always cut him slack.

    I went on a Scary Halloween Haunted Chicago Bus Tour a few years ago. It sucked.

    (I had to Google Winchester Mystery House, really cool.)

    The biggest weird mysterious things that’ve happened to me involved hallucinogens.

    I hate Halloween.
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    oK so basicaly its like this. youare at a friends house for like the night or watever and then you guys are making out on the couch (yeah!) and then like.. her dad calls on the phone and says "no i she likes it more if you use the other hand… yeah" and your alllike "oh dude your dad is trying to give me advice on how to diddle you" and then she's like… "i don't have a dad.." or whatever… but what!? WHO WAS PHONE?

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    Halloween Night (Part 1)

    It was Halloween night
    And while the kids were trick or treating
    Mom and Dad were collecting their chips
    At their local AA meeting

    The hookers were trick rolling
    The johns and the scum
    President dipshit dressed as himself

    He looked so dumb

    He wore a red tie
    That went down to his knees
    He combed over his hair
    That looked like a hive for bees

    He looked as best as he could
    From his head to his toes
    His complexion was odd
    Like a bag of Cheetos

    He checked his Twitter
    And went into a rage
    They were still talking Tillerson
    Calling him a moron and he was upstaged

    He ran to the Bathroom
    In a furious panic
    To shittweet a response
    In a bipolar manic

    He cursed the fake news
    Bob Corker and Flake
    He wrote in all caps
    While he was trying to make

    He then got a text from his friends
    Dobbs and Hannity
    They tried to calm him down
    From his narcissistic nuclear insanity

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    Halloween Night (Part 2)

    They said nobody is bigger

    Or better or smarter than you
    Just calm down Mr President
    And just take a poo

    His staff ran to General Kelly
    They were all so stressed out
    He is shittweeting insanity
    We don’t know what he is talking about

    General Kelly said relax
    I think I have a plan
    I know how to get him
    To stop Tweeting like a baby man

    He started the war on drugs
    A campaign to “Just Say No”
    We will spike his veins with some H
    And he won’t be able to go

    Oh please General Kelly
    We Don’t understand
    Are going to call Twitter
    And try to get him banned?

    General Kelly said No
    We won’t have to
    We just need some heroin
    I know what to do

    General Kelly
    How will this save the nation?
    General Kelly said
    Don’t you know opioids cause constipation

    If he can’t shittweet
    The world will calm down
    I just need a needle
    To silence the angry clown

    Kelly shot him up
    And Donnie fell asleep
    Halloween night went quiet
    Without another tweet.

    Happy Halloween Everyone (It might be our last)
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