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Thread: Random General Headlines

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevoid99 View Post
    This is such a bad idea. All of that money going to waste as taxes will go very high and this will lead to states being divided. Oh, I'll be living in North Georgia where Atlanta is the border between North and Middle Georgia. Florida will be split into five different states if this shit happens.
    The (generalized) consensus I've seen so far is that NorCal would be taxed out the ass, California would be fucked because they have no water rights, and SoCal would be impoverished. Agreed, it's a fucking stupid idea. It's a desperate Republican attempt to get more power in what they've falsely labeled an "ungovernable" state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theimage13 View Post

    Proposal to split California in three will be on the state ballot in November. NorCal, SoCal, and California (aka Beach California).

    Not the first time this has happened, and polling still shows weak support (sub-20%), but it got over 400,000 signatures in order to get on the ballot.

    While they're at it, let's move NYC to NJ and make the rest of New York its own state.
    Why do rich white guys think they always have the answers?

    Oh yeah.

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