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    On the old ETS someone posted this thread and I remember, without knowing what it was, I got all pissy about pretentious sounding genre tags... Now for the past two (three? four?) years it's ~80% of what I listen to. With such a huge pool of artists, well-known and obscure, this thread was a great resource for me in discovering great music.

    My favorite label A Tenderversion Recording has had a few great releases this year.

    Mire Kay
    September Malevolence - Our Withers Unwrung
    Scraps of Tape - Resident Flux
    Solander - Passing Mt. Satu

    And another favorite release from this year,

    I'll try to keep posting good music here as I'm listening to it, there's so many amazing bands that don't get enough attention.

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    New album from God is an Astronaut out Sept 16th!

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