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Thread: Gun Talk - News, Laws, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eversonpoe View Post
    got really stressed out yesterday because this happened right near where my wife works. didn't find out it was a hoax until after i had started driving into evanston to drive her to therapy from work so she wouldn't have to walk, because i'm a jewish mother and i get very worried.

    Northwestern shooting report ‘a hoax,’ lockdown lifted: Evanston police

    don't understand why anyone would do such a thing.
    It's called swatting (like calling the SWAT team) and it happens a LOT more than people realize, people get KILLED by swatting.

    there was a swatting near where I live.

    I was watching that shit going down in Evanston yesterday, because I lived in Evanston for several years; the whole downtown area was on lockdown, nobody was allowed anywhere near downtown Evanston, totally nuts. At first, I thought it was on the main northeast campus area but then I saw it was at Maple and Emerson, wtf, that's not even the Northwestern campus, that's just downtown Evanston! Crazy stuff.
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    yeaaa... SWATting.

    The recent incident where a random person was killed during a swatting incident was initiated by the same guy who claimed responsibility for the bomb threats during the FCC net neutrality votes.

    It's immensely easy to do. And the people doing it feel there are no consequences. People love to bully other people, especially when they don't have to face the person or have any risks. Power. That underlying thing that means nearly everyone becomes corrupt when given power.

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